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Solar Control, Fade Protection, Heat & Glare Reduction, Decorative Film for Office Interior Space, Security Film

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Fade Protection

Your home or office has valuable furnishings. Help protect your art, furniture, photos, and furnishings with our sun-control films and fade-protective window films. All our films & tints block 99.9% of UV, plus varying degrees of visible light and solar energy, which are the main contributors to fading. Know our window tinting service is Top Notch!

Decorative Interior Glass Enhancement, Safety and Privacy

We offer several hundred decorative film options to enhance your office space interior glass. See the "Installations" tab to see a few ideas, but know we have the flexibility to provide your space with many cool ideas.

23 Years and Running Strong

Now, in our 23rd year, I am proud to say we have helped protect thousands of windows in our clients' homes and commercial offices for fade protection, heat and glare reduction, energy efficiency, and decorative window films in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York.


My company has filmed thousands of windows, including hundreds of office buildings. So if it's a fade protection project for your home, a decorative, or a heat & glare challenge in your office, feel free to reach out. We serve New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. For me, this is more of a hobby. I love what I do, and that is reflected in the quality of the craftsmanship and our long-standing relationships with our customers. One does not stay in business for 23 years and NEVER advertised...all my work is word-of-mouth recommendations from my clients.

The Technology AGE IS HERE...embrace IT or BE Afraid of IT...AI is here to stay.

If you are a small business, you might want to read these few words. So, in the paragraph above, I mentioned I've never advertised in my 23 years as a specialty contractor. I chose to have a certain lifestyle and freedom after an exhaustive no-life career in executive management with Private Golf & Country Clubs. Now, after an exceptional first half of 2023, business has dropped off remarkably. Luckily for me, the glass protector is my hobby, and I make very good money, which allows me to have a well-rounded lifestyle...Health, Family, Happiness, Friendships, Fitness, Mindfulness, Travel etc. Always Curious and always wanting to learn and grow every single day!

I have been learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) for a long time now, and I am going to be my own guinea pig with this website, sort of like how I do my own biohacking, ensuring my future years will be complete with health and happiness.

There will be many changes coming to this website over the next 1 - 3 months (Autumn 2023). First off, a "Smart Bot" that will engage with prospects interested in my service intelligently; unlike so many chatbots on almost every website, they are like putting a 5-year-old in charge of communications...NOT, This BOT! It is like having a business partner who loves what he/she does and engages with your prospects on a level never seen before. There is also a special scheduler, but due to my lifestyle, I do not have set schedules to meet with clients, so they will have to stick with email: ScottBurne@TheGlassProtector.com or texting one of my cells at (914) 804-3042. If you have a sales team or wish to utilize the scheduler feature, then make use of every tool you can. Next, there is a feature that has you or your staff take pictures of your project, create a case study, and post it on all your social media. Then the AI pushes your clients to write a review, and the AI can even offer to write it for them with multiple choice questions as to how your product, service, and job was, then generates a well-written testimonial and posts it into every single one of your social media accounts, and do you know what happens when this happens? Google gives you better placement. Once the client does a testimonial, the AI then asks for video testimonials, which helps your ratings even more. Coming this December is our "Conversation Converter," which is going to absolutely blow your mind. It takes whichever voice you want, including yours, to replicate it so your prospects think they are actually speaking with you. When you see this, your eyes are going to pop out of your head! Seriously, all these tools will most certainly help you grow your business.

More to come. If interested, send me an email and let me know your details...name, email, website (preferably a WordPress site). I have just hired a designer to make this basic billboard site into a WordPress site with my technology, an AI Machine! I am looking forward to helping small businesses take back control of our economy.

Want to see how awesome the chatbot feature is? Go to the URL below, enter your website address, and watch how amazingly fast my AI learns your site, as well as you do, in a matter of seconds. YIKES !!! To your Prosperity, Scott


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For a quick quote, email window measurements and quantity, as well as what your goals are - fade protection, heat & glare reduction, safety, or decorative film.

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